A New Partnership in AI World: Theta Network and FedML Announced Partnership

A New Partnership in AI World: Theta Network and FedML Announced Partnership

Theta Labs, a blockchain video delivery network, has recently partnered with FedML to facilitate collaborative machine learning for content recommendation and generative AI. Through this powerful collaboration of technology and innovative thinking, Theta Labs is reshaping how we approach artificial intelligence.

This Theta Network Partnership Will Be Very Useful in the Training of AI

Today, Cointelegraph has released an announcement revealing a new partnership between two firms focusing on training large-scale AI models. This collaborative effort gives Theta TV’s community the opportunity to offer personal preferences and computing resources for deploying and training AI models to improve personalized recommendations and advertisements with FedML technology.

The FedML team believes that Theta’s Edge Network, with its decentralized nodes scattered around the globe, is an ideal platform for distributed computing necessary for collaborative machine learning and other AI use cases. The partnership brings together two visions and enables cooperative Artificial Intelligence in Web3 space, as per Salman Avestimehr-co-founder of FedML. He declared:

“When it comes to ad recommendation and generative AI, people must willingly donate their personal data to train machine learning models that will benefit everyone in the long run.”

A New Partnership in AI World: Theta Network and FedML Announced Partnership

Theta Labs Co-founder and CEO Mitch Liu expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, noting that it opens up a new opportunity to utilize Theta’s edge nodes for AI and machine learning development on an expansive, global scale.

AI Could Be A Very Useful Development In The Crypto World

On December 19, 2022, Cointelegraph interviewed several Web3 experts to gain their perception of the potential influence of OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI assistant. Dmitry Mishunin, CEO of HashEx, contemplated that this development could either be a great success and upgrade long-term security or go terribly wrong like some dystopian fiction stories.

Recently, Nansen CEO Alex Svanevik highlighted the significance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing the user experience within cryptocurrency during his appearance on Cointelegraph’s Hashing It Out podcast. He pointed out just how integral AI will be in shaping the crypto space.

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