AVAX Technical Analysis: $21.62 OK But What's Next?

AVAX Technical Analysis: $21.62 OK But What’s Next?

AVAX, in the sixteenth place behind the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, saw the $21.62 level I mentioned in my previous article again as of last night. Although AVAX, which faced sales from this region, experienced a little pullback, it was not as affected by the decline of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Starting at $20.82 yesterday, AVAX closed the day at $20.98 with an increase of 0.77%, with the effect of sales on the Bitcoin side, after seeing the highest level of $21.66.

Starting today at $ 20.98, AVAX is trading at $ 20.99, with an increase of 0.05% at the time of writing.

AVAX Chart Analysis

AVAX, which has been going out for the last week, tried to break the 21.62 resistance again yesterday. It continues its strong stance even though it retreated a little due to the sales from Bitcoin. Especially the fact that EMA5 has cut EMA200 upward signals that this rise will continue. In case of closes above 21.62 resistance, the 22.79 resistance zone can be followed. For possible pullbacks, $20.48 EMA5 and $20.25 EMA200 should be followed as support points.

AVAX Technical Analysis: $21.62 OK But What's Next?

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