China Accuses US of Economic "Bullying"

China Accuses US of Economic “Bullying”

On Monday, China accused the US. of unfair and oppressive tactics for enacting what it deemed as “illegal” sanctions against Chinese companies in association with the United States‘ actions versus Russia’s Wagner Group and its related entities or people who were responsible for war-related activities in Ukraine and rights infringements across Africa.

According to China, Sanctions Have No Legal Basis

China has fiercely denounced the US sanctions as having “no basis in international law” and a violation of long-arm jurisdiction. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning passionately expressed that these punitive measures have caused serious damage to China’s interests, which they strongly refuse and deplore. They have also submitted their complaints directly to the United States government.

“The United States has been extremely aggressive in sending arms to one party of the conflict, resulting in a never-ending war,” she noted. “Moreover, America is presenting false information about China’s contributions and taking advantage by unjustly sanctioning Chinese companies – this can only be called bullying and double standards.”

China Accuses US of Economic "Bullying"

The US Sanctions Companies Related to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

The Treasury and State departments have implemented sanctions on numerous affiliated companies belonging to the Wagner Group, including those in the Central African Republic and the United Arab Emirates. These decisions have also extended to encompass the President of Russia’s Kalashnikov Concern, which is the maker of the AK-47 assault rifles. Wagner private military force has been held responsible for the heavy combat taking place in Eastern Ukraine.

To punish their illicit activities, the Wagner Group affiliates were hit with sanctions alongside Spacety China, also known as Changsha Tianyi Space Science and Technology Research Institute Co. Ltd., for providing them with satellite images of Ukraine to assist in military operations. A Luxembourg-based subsidiary owned by Spacety China was additionally sanctioned due to its ties with these organizations.

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