Coins Found in Terra LUNA Inventor Do Kwon Wallet

Two cryptocurrency detectives uncovered previously unknown assets belonging to Terra LUNA inventor Do Kwon .

Terra Luna wallet :

Due to the sensitive nature of their work, the identities of the two detectives involved remain undisclosed . However , their diligent efforts in investigating Terraform Labs have yielded significant results . Through the utilization of advanced techniques and state-of-the-art tools , they successfully identified previously unknown wallet addresses associated with the company  . As a result , they uncovered undisclosed assets within these wallets, shedding light on the extent of cryptocurrency wealth held by Terraform Labs . The detectives’ exceptional contributions were recognized by Arkham , a reputable platform known for transparent and secure blockchain analysis. In appreciation of their invaluable work , they were rewarded with 9,519.26 ARKM tokens which had an approximate value of $4,950 in traditional currency at that time .

Below are the amounts of various cryptocurrencies in the company’s wallets. Also included are the corresponding values ​​according to the latest available data :

BTC: 5,292k BTC worth $154.07 million

ETH: 2,753 thousand ETH worth $5.09 million

CVX: 483,755K CVX worth $1.64M

GOHM: 209,365 GOHMs worth $594.02k

USDT: 45.47K USDT worth $45,475k

BUSD: 26.16K BUSD worth $26.161k

USDC: 25,285k USDC worth 25.29k USD

CVXCRV: 24.25k CVXCRV value of $34,328k

LUNA: 233.64 million LUNA worth $19.11k

UST: 1.415 million UST, valued at $21.85k

FXS: 994.33 FXS worth $5.89k

HERO: 877k HEROs worth $2.56k

GUSD: 1.09K GUSD worth $1,092k

BNB: 3,512 BNB worth $835.38

DAI: 648,165 DAI worth $648.16

SHIB: 49.323 million SHIB worth $377.32

AXS: 51,656 AXS worth $316.14

MKR: 0.2 MKR worth $217.03 AGIX: 856 AGIX worth $188.88

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