Stepping into the crypto universe or seeking to vary your portfolio? We suggest taking a glance at these cheap cryptocurrencies, all under €1.

3 Cheaper Cryptocurrencies That Can Be Purchased Under €1

Are cheaper cryptocurrencies a worthwhile investment option? It’s common to see inexperienced investors searching for cheaper cryptocurrencies in hopes of making higher profits. Is it smart to buy digital currencies that cost less than €1? If so, which specific coins should one purchase when investing at such low prices?

Should You Buy Cheaper Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced numerous bull cycles, resulting in its cost skyrocketing from a meager fraction of a dollar to tens of thousands. This leaves those who are new to the cryptocurrency market feeling like they’ve missed out on being able to purchase it at an affordable price – so instead, these rookie investors opt for cheaper cryptocurrencies that can bring them greater returns.

Polygon (MATIC): Designed to Solve One of Ethereum’s Biggest Problems

As we examine the list of cryptos trading below 1 euro, some stand out more than others. For example, Polygon (MATIC) is currently valued at 1.02 euros per coin and has achieved a peak price of 2.58 euros – presenting investors with an opportunity to realize gains up to x2.5 if it returns to its previous levels! To ensure that Ethereum can be used on a mass scale, significant upgrades must take place for blockchain technology to become democratized; fortunately, Polygon (MATIC) appears best-positioned among all projects as they have invested heavily into cutting-edge solutions, including Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Rollups technologies!

Stepping into the crypto universe or seeking to vary your portfolio? We suggest taking a glance at these cheap cryptocurrencies, all under €1.

1Inch Network (1INCH): It Has a Huge Potential

The 1INCH token is still relatively unknown, ranking below the top 100 most valuable cryptocurrencies. With a current price of around 0.5 euros, this cryptocurrency may see an incredible rise to its highest recorded price of 7.5 euros – that’s 15 times more than what it currently costs!

1INCH offers users a one-stop shop for decentralized exchanges and platforms, allowing traders to find the best deal in terms of spread or gas fees without needing KYC (Know Your Customer) verification – perfect for those looking to remain anonymous during their transactions.

The Sandbox (SAND): Earn-to-Play Has a Bright Future

To experience the breadth of the metaverse industry, The Sandbox (SAND) offers exposure to its development. Already partnering with some of the biggest names–including Gucci, Carrefour, and HSBC–The Sandbox (SAND) token is currently trading at 0.7 euros which can skyrocket up to a remarkable 11 times if it reaches its highest price ever: 7.49 euros!

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