Donald Trump Returns to Facebook and Instagram!

Donald Trump Returns to Facebook and Instagram!

As we all undoubtedly recall, following the Capitol building riots mounted by Donald Trump supporters in recent US presidential elections, his social media accounts were blocked. In a bold move and with an eye towards future candidacy, Trump then established his own social media platform from which he declared that he would run again for office in 2024 – and now it is official! Here are some of the details you need to know about this groundbreaking news…

Meta Has Activated Trump’s Facebook And Instagram Accounts!

In a recent blog post, Meta unveiled that the 45th President of the United States is allowed to rejoin Facebook and Instagram after his accounts were suspended two years ago. Trump will be able to use Twitter once again following this decision; however, Meta followed up with a separate warning: If any additional violations against their community guidelines occur from him in the future, sanctions can immediately be applied.

Nick Clegg, Meta’s vice president of global affairs, made the following statements on the subject:

“As a general rule, we don’t want to get in the way of public and democratic discussions on Meta’s platforms, particularly in the context of elections in democratic societies like the United States. The public should be able to hear their politicians say good, bad, and ugly so that they can make informed choices at the ballot box.”

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Meta Will Re-Restrict Account If Trump Breaks The Rules Again.

Following the alterations to Meta’s content guidelines, the company will be able to shut down posts that could potentially lead up to an event on par with what occurred on January 6. Initially, they had opted for a permanent ban on Donald Trump’s accounts; however, after consulting the Supervisory Board, it was concluded that this course of action was not suitable and thus modified.

After the verdict was declared, Trump reacted quickly: “Facebook – which has lost billions of dollars since your favorite president took away my access to their platform – just announced that they will be restoring my account,” he posted on Meta. “I am extremely grateful for what Truth Social has done; thank you so much!”
Following the events of January 6th, Donald Trump’s Twitter was suspended. In response to this, Elon Musk conducted a survey inquiring whether it should be reinstated, and predictably, the section in favor won; thus returning access to his account with an impressive 88 million followers – although he is yet to use it again.

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