Famous Crypto Influencer Bitboy Crypto Says 150,000 XRP Is Enough To Become A Millionaire

The creator of the Bitboy Crypto YouTube channel told how many XRP coins a cryptocurrency investor should hold in order to become a millionaire. This generated a heated discussion in the crypto community.

If the Price of XRP Goes Over $7, You Can Be a Millionaire with 150K Tokens

Cryptocurrency influencer Ben Armstrong suggested that if an investor had 150,000 XRP, that would be enough to reach a million dollars. To do this, the digital coin must trade above $6.7. Now the acquisition of 150,000 XRP will cost $65,000 at a rate of $0.4271 per coin.

Twitter users have begun to conduct polls seeking to find out the opinion of the majority on Bitboy Crypto’s statement . XRP proponent and cryptocurrency enthusiast Jenna, through her XRP army survey found that a majority of people (62.5%) disagreed with Armstrong . These people thing that you don’t have to buy 150,000 XRP to get rich. Armstrong was supported by 22.6% of crypto enthusiast readers. 14.9% think they should own a lot more coins .

Yet, Bitboy Crypto Warns People

Bitboy Crypto warned users in the comments to take a conservative approach. Too ambitious forecasts can be tempting, but unrealistic, so being too aggressive can hurt . Ben Armstrong recently recommended that users get rid of meme coins as soon as possible, which, in his opinion, should soon depreciate . Armstrong made the only exception for Dogecoin.

Should You Listen Crypto Influencers When Trading?

Cryptocurrency “influencers” may come out as informed and convincing but traders should proceed with care when considering the advise they provide . People who have a large online following and are regularly engaged in discussions concerning cryptocurrency are considered crypto influencers. Some influencers may have much knowledge and experience; others may be motivated by vanity .  

Instead of mindlessly following the advice of influencers it is important to perform one’s own study and make educated judgments . What works for one individual may not work for another due to the significant volatility of the cryptocurrency market .  When trading cryptocurrencies trusting your own judgment and keeping up with reputable news sources will help you make better selections.

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