Gordon Ramsey Is Launching A Game On The Sandbox

Hell’s Kitchen is taking its first foray into the metaverse thanks to a revolutionary partnership between The Sandbox and Gordon Ramsay. In honor of their collaboration, The Sandbox has unveiled an exclusive venue in their virtual universe, marking this momentous occasion with global fanfare.

Events Will Begin on the 27th of March

Hell’s Kitchen is launching two events that will take place from March 27, 2023, to April 07, 2023, where participants can enter a world of fantasy and thrilling adventures for the chance to win amazing prizes. The collections featured during these events will remain available in The Sandbox until they are completely sold out.

There are two events taking place at Hell’s Kitchen. The first is the Memorabilia Hell’s Kitchen Event, and the second is the Mystery Box Hell’s Kitchen Event. Participants can win prizes such as a mystery box, digital avatar, memorabilia, and a share of the 50,000 SAND prize pool.

There Are Two Different Categories of Events

Everyone is welcome to join in on the Open For All category and complete all nineteen quests for a surefire shot at victory! However, those who only have time to accomplish one task can still have an opportunity of winning exclusive Memorabilia. Winners will be rewarded with a mystery box and special Memorabilia as well.

The Exclusive Reward category is only for users with a Hell’s Kitchen Avatar by Gordon Ramsey. They will receive a share of the 50,000 SAND prize pool, but they must complete all 19 quests and complete KYC verification. Getting a Hell’s Kitchen Avatar is simple; users can mint one and become part of the community.

The Hell’s Kitchen event is accessible to all participants with no restrictions, except for the Exclusive Reward category, which requires a Hell’s Kitchen Avatar and completion of all 19 quests. The event is completely free for The Sandbox users, and the NFT collection for Hell’s Kitchen can be purchased using SAND tokens on The Sandbox platform.

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