How to Transfer AVAX from Coinbase to Metamask: A Quick Guide

Are you an avid cryptocurrency investor? If so, then how to transfer AVAX from CoinBase to MetaMask is a valid question that you can ask. But accomplishing this transfer may seem intimidating for someone unfamiliar with blockchain technology and crypto. In this blog post, we’ll provide a quick guide to help make transferring your AVAX tokens from Coinbase to MetaMask easier for everyone – whether you’re a novice or experienced with cryptocurrency investing.

How to Transfer AVAX from Coinbase to Metamask:

To transfer AVAX (the cryptocurrency of the Avalanche network) from Coinbase to Metamask, you can follow these steps:

1. Set Up a MetaMask Wallet

If you haven’t already done so, download the MetaMask extension and click it to get started. Afterward, configure your account by setting a secure password and remembering your recovery phrase for safekeeping. Don’t worry if this step seems intimidating – once you set up your account with MetaMask, everything else will be smooth sailing!

2. Add Avalanche Network to Your MetaMask Wallet:

If you want to start viewing AVAX on MetaMask, simply add the Avalanche network by clicking “Add Network” in your MetaMask. Then copy and paste these necessary details for the Avalanche network, such as its name, RPC URL, ChainID, symbol, and explorer. Finally, confirm all the data with a click of “Save.”

3. Copy the MetaMask Address:

When you’ve connected Avalanche to MetaMask, all that’s left is to copy your MetaMask address. Clicking above the AVAX balance will do just that – copying it into your clipboard, ready for use!

4. Click Send/Receive:

Log in to Coinbase, and you’ll be taken directly to your dashboard. In the top right corner, locate Send/Receive for easy access – just click either button to get started!

5. Paste the MetaMask Address:

After you hit Send/Receive, a new window will appear with the option to enter how much AVAX you want to send. To simplify this process even further, there’s also an icon that allows you to convert fiat currency into the desired amount of AVAX.

Next, choose Avalanche in the Payment field. After that, paste the MetaMask address you’ve copied from Step 3 into the To box. Be mindful when copying and pasting your wallet address, as any mistake can render it invalid and thus cause a potential loss of cryptocurrency assets. The Note section is not mandatory – if desired, feel free to add notes for future reference before clicking Continue!

6. Complete the Authentication:

After pressing Continue, you will be presented with a verification window. Please double check the address, amount, and gas fee before hitting the Send Now button. Afterward, you’ll need to authenticate your transfer by entering an authentication code which should arrive through SMS in your registered mobile number. Once that’s done – voila! You’re all set.

7. Check your MetaMask Wallet:

Once you have submitted your verification code, the transfer will be complete. Afterward, ensure that AVAX has successfully been deposited into MetaMask by double-checking its balance. To confirm this further, head over to SnowTrace and view the transaction on their Avalanche chain explorer – from here, you can observe how each step of your Coinbase-MetaMask exchange went smoothly! Congratulations – you’ve just transferred AVAX securely between wallets!


Congratulations on learning how to transfer AVAX from Coinbase to Metamask! It is important to understand the steps it takes to move assets from one account to the other, and this quick guide should have provided a comprehensive overview of the necessary steps. When moving assets, please always be careful and diligent; double-check the account numbers and addresses before sending money. If something goes wrong, your tokens could be lost or stolen, so always double-check your transactions before you hit send. By following these steps, you will protect yourself and your money while being able to make quick transfers. For more information regarding cryptocurrency transactions or blockchain technology as a whole, do not hesitate to reach out!


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