HyperPlay Raises $12 Million in Series A Funding to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming Interoperability

The groundbreaking Web3-native game launcher HyperPlay has successfully completed its Series A funding round and raised $12 million . The funding was run by Griffin Gaming Partners and Bitkraft Ventures with participation from notable investors such as ConsenSys, Delphi, Game7, Ethereal Ventures and Monoceros Ventures .

HyperPlay Takes on the Web3 Gaming Interoperability Challenge

Since its establishment in November 2022 by MetaMask and Game7 DAO HyperPlay has been dedicated to addressing the Web3 gaming interoperability challenge . By getting rid of the reliance on centralized entities like Apple, Google and Steam the platform offers perfect interoperability for Web3 gaming . Developers can now work without limitations and restrictions which revolutionizes the gaming landscape .

HyperPlay’s innovative platform enables interoperability across all Web3 games through a wallet overlay and allows players to access their MetaMask wallet within both native and browser-based games . With a growing game store comprising over 33 Web3 titles HyperPlay allows developers and users to navigate the Web3 gaming realm effortlessly .

HyperPlay Revolutionizes Web3 Gaming Experience for Developers and Users

HyperPlay introduces a developer loyal approach and emphasizes its commitment to both developers and users . The platform does not impose taxes on in-game economies instead generating revenue through optional features like on-ramping and token swaps . This rare model fosters a supportive environment for developers to thrive .

For users HyperPlay supports all Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible chains and enables them to bring their wallets, tokens and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) into any native or browser game effortlessly . With the integration of an in-game wallet overlay players no longer need to exit the game or visit separate websites for NFT transactions which streamlines the gaming experience .

Web3 Gaming Continues to Thrive as Fastest-Growing Sector

Web3 gaming uses the power of blockchain technology and offers beyond compare transparency, security and user control over in-game assets . Recent data from DappRadar shows that Web3 gaming accounted for nearly half of all blockchain transactions in 2022 which exceeds decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs . This upward trend has continued into 2023 with blockchain games and metaverse projects securing an impressive $739 million in funding during the first quarter .

With the successful conclusion of its Series A funding round HyperPlay is poised to reshape the Web3 gaming landscape by providing exceptional interoperability, empowering developers and improving the gaming experience for users . 

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