Leaked Apple Documentation Shows iPhone 15 Could Use WiFi 6E

Leaked Apple Documentation Shows iPhone 15 Could Use WiFi 6E

A multitude of reports, both authoritative and dubious sources alike, have reported that the iPhone 15‘s standard and premium models will feature considerable distinctions in their specs. Now another report claims that only the Pro and Ultra versions of the iPhone 15 will be compatible with WiFi 6E.

Compared to most other devices still using WiFi 6, only a few cutting-edge phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Plus, boast WiFi 6E compatibility. Notably, even Apple’s most recent iPhone 14 Pro Max remains stuck on older technology – missing out on all that next-level connectivity.

Apple’s Premium Models iPhone 15 Will Use WiFi 6E.

WiFi 6E is the newest advancement in wireless technology, allowing for even more devices to be connected with uninterrupted access and lightning-fast speeds. Expanding on WiFi 6 by adding a sixth frequency band allows spectrum congestion to be avoided entirely as users enjoy increased bandwidth availability. 

According to MacRumors, leaker Unknownz21 has released diagrams of the ‌iPhone 15‌‘s antenna setup from an internal document. The images suggest that only the Pro and Ultra models will have Wi-Fi 6E capability, while the standard and Plus versions will remain with Wi-Fi 6. These more advanced iPhones are labeled as D8x in this diagram, whereas their less powerful counterparts are referred to as D3y.

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Some Apple products, including the latest iPad Pro and MacBook Pro, have already adopted WiFi 6E technology. This will be Apple’s first time ever limiting a new WiFi standard to its more expensive iPhones, as reported by MacRumors. Thus far, this transition has been incredibly successful!

This aligns with Apple’s plan of reserving premium features for only their more advanced models. Reports say that the A17 chip, quicker USB-C speeds, 120Hz screen refresh rate, extra base RAM, and titanium frame will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Ultra & Pro versions. Additionally, it looks like just the Ultras are set to feature a 12MP periscope camera with 6x zoom capacity.

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