Missing Bitcoin millionaire found dead in Lake Ozark

Dr. John Forsyth, aBitcoin millionaire and founder of Onfocoin, was found dead in Lake Ozark, Arkansas, shortly after he disappeared.

News of the death of emergency room doctor and cryptocurrency entrepreneur John Forsyth, who was reported missing on May 21 after he failed to show up at Mercy Hospital in Missouri, finally came to light.

According to the spokesperson for the sheriff’s department, Forsyth was found dead in the water with what looked like a gunshot wound. Investigation into this death is being worked on with Benton County detectives, the Barry County Sheriff’s Office, the Cassville Police Department and the Missouri State Police.

Last thigh he did was to text his girlfriend.

Forsyth’s last known communication was a text message to his fiancée in the early morning hours. According to his brother’s statement, he had texted his fiancée such as “Hey, my shift is over” and “See you soon”. His car was found unlocked in a nearby lake. It contained a cell phone, bag, wallet and passport. Despite extensive searches by law enforcement using dogs and drones, there was no news from Forsyth for more than seven days. Authorities seem to be determined the doctor was dead and on Tuesday informed Forsyth’s family.

His brother and business partner, Richard Forsyth, stated that he wouldn’t miss his shift even if he was in a dire situation. His absence from work was a sign that alerted his brother of the doctor’s situation.

Richard said in the security footage that Forsyth’s car drove into the parking lot of a Cassville water park shortly after and a white jeep pulled up next to him a few minutes later.

Richard said the police told him, “He leaves in a few minutes and John is seen walking around maybe 10 to 15 minutes from now.”

Forsyth was a ‘Bitcoin millionaire’ according to Forbes

Forsyth’s son told reporters that his father has been involved in crypto for over a decade. He said Forsyth was “too busy” with his doctorate and crypto company before he disappeared.

The Forsyth Brothers reportedly created Onfocoin. Forbes referred to Forsyth as a Bitcoin millionaire who made a fortune from Bitcoin.

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