Moonbird NFTs: A Bitcoin NFT Collection Via Ordinals

Moonbird NFTs: A Bitcoin NFT Collection Via Ordinals

Sales of Moonbird NFTs reached about $500 million in April. By using the recently released Ordinals protocol, users now have the opportunity to join the exciting Moonbirds NFT collection on Bitcoin.

The BAYC monkeys have established themselves as one of the best-selling NFT collections, with a staggering value of $1.3M, following a stratospheric spike in popularity. Now that the descendent of the last batch of NFTs have been made available on the Bitcoin blockchain and NFT fans all across the world are paying close attention.

Moonbird NFTs could Make a Good Start

The Birds NFT collection is ready to start a trend by uploading their collection into the NFT Ordinals Protocol for Bitcoin, offering a $200,000 prize to the winner. Birds BTC is a collection of distinctive utility-enabled PFPs on the Ordinals protocol that offer a vast, varied, and distinctive pool of rarity-powered features. The collection is obligated to uphold its prestigious reputation and keep up its undisputed dominance in the NFT “PFP” field after splitting out as Bitcoin NFTs.

Moonbird NFTs: A Bitcoin NFT Collection Via Ordinals

The collection, 10,000 PFPs in all, has a unique set of uncommon features only seen on Ordinals. It should come as no surprise that this Bitcoin-based series has attracted interest in the whole NFT ecosystem, given that its design features are similar to those of initiatives like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

The World of NFTs is on the Rise Again

The world of NFTs and Bitcoin is becoming more and more fascinating by the second. Their growth has exploded because of the possibility of another bull market. Since its launch in 2014, the Ordinals protocol has been causing a stir in the cryptocurrency industry. But the real action didn’t start until two weeks ago when SegWit and Taproot’s clever code changes allowed NFTs to appear on the Bitcoin network. Adding additional fuel to the fire, Ordinals recently made news once more when they unveiled a range named “Ordinal Punks,” drawing influence from the recognizable designs of CryptoPunks.

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