NFTpay Now Supports Stablecoin Purchases

NFTpay Now Supports Stablecoin Purchases

The fintech company NFTpay has increased the range of services it offers by enabling stablecoin holders to buy non-fungible tokens with their currencies. Now, users of cryptocurrency may buy NFTs using the well-known dollar-pegged currencies USDC and USDT. 

NFTpay‘s CEO, Michael Krilivsky, said in a news statement on February 24 that the fintech firm has started enabling customers to buy non-fungible tokens with stablecoins. The site claims that sellers will now be able to pay for the acquisition of their NFTs using both USDT and USDC stablecoins. Users will be able to acquire NFT projects more quickly, securely, and easily thanks to the new payment method.

NFTpay Now Supports Stablecoin Purchases

Michael Krilivsky is Creating a Solution

According to Krilivsky, the majority of prospective NFT purchasers lack cryptocurrency or a cryptocurrency wallet, which prevents them from completing the transaction and buying an NFT. For businesses and people interested in adopting stablecoins, NFTpay will provide a tailored solution.

Since the beginning, NFTpay has concentrated on making it as easy as possible for users to buy NFTs using the payment methods they find appealing. Last year, NFTpay and Mastercard collaborated to enable consumers to purchase NFTs using credit cards.

Users may now buy NFTs with ease using their credit and debit cards thanks to a partnership between NFTpay and the Polygon network, an Ethereum scaling solution, that was launched in December 2022. NFTpay served as a gateway for customers to utilize their credit cards at the time.

NFTpay now Supports Ethereum

The networks that NFTpay now supports are Ethereum, Algorand, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, EOS, Solana, and Cronos. Recently, the fintech company disclosed a proposal to integrate the Cardano and Casper cryptocurrency networks in the upcoming months.

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