NFTs That Focus On The Female Sex Are Employed By The Female Pleasure Society

The Female Pleasure Society empowers women to live independently by offering comprehensive and Web3-based solutions for female health. NFTs are as varied as the notion of femininity itself. Vanessa Schäfer, the creator of the Female Pleasure Society, is a member of a power pair aiming to burst the modern woman’s universe, as she says in an interview.

The “G-points” of female empowerment and independence are a self-determined life and the freedom to sexual satisfaction. They serve as the foundation for a self-sufficient and autonomous life. For generations, society overlooked and misinterpreted women’s sexual pleasure. To counteract this, a new concept of sexual satisfaction for women was required! That’s what The Female Pleasure Society understood how to fix.

The Female Pleasure Society was Created with a Grand Objective

“Initially, on the journey in Web2 business, I was especially interested in supplements for female health,” says Vanessa Schäfer. “I looked and looked for natural remedies for hormone imbalances. Last year, as a team, we began working on a new product centered on ‘sexual health’ – women’s libido.”

The Female Pleasure Society was created with the objective of confronting and overcoming this taboo, as well as encouraging female health and wellness, an issue that society tends to neglect. At the same time, they were already involved in the NFT domain, which they regard as a highly socially important and forward-thinking technology.

NFTs are an Excellent Entry Point Into Web3

NFTs are an excellent entry point into Web3 or the following dimension. To put it another way: Web1 practically indicates the early days of the still-developing Internet and content reading. Individuals have already become more “mobile” in Web2, which includes social media activities. Web3 is the third generation of Internet services for Web applications, and it incorporates not only co-design, but it also employs co-determination and “ownership” – in other words, data ownership.

“With our NFTs, we aim to make it easier for women to enter the NFT industry and be a part of something greater – they can have a say in new products, the company’s future, and crucial business choices. We are directly connected to our community through NFTs, and we can collect the thoughts of the owners via short routes, allowing us to build even better new items that are perfectly suited to women,” Vanessa Schäfer explains.


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