Prudent Steps To Take If You Are Under Tidewater Finance Lawsuit

If Tidewater Finance Corporation has sent you a debt collection notice, you may have alternatives before deciding to settle the debt that Tidewater Finance Corporation claims you owe.

Debt collectors, such as Tidewater Finance, must follow federal regulations that govern how debts are collected, how collection agencies can contact you, and what debt collectors can say to urge you to pay your obligations. You may have alternatives whether or not you owe money to Tidewater Finance Corporation.

Dealing with Lawsuits might be Hard without an Attorney

Dealing with a debt collection attorney may help you negotiate a lower payment or settle the debt, fight liabilities you don’t truly owe, hold a debt collection organization accountable for breaching your rights, and sue for fraud in financing arrangements for vehicles and other products. A debt collection lawsuit might be frightening. Trying to make sure you have an expert attorney on your side might give you a better chance of receiving a fair verdict.

If you are under a lawsuit by Tidewater Finance Corporation and do not think you owe them any money, your failure to act may result in a judgment against you. If you do not think you owe a debt, you should not disregard a lawsuit or debt collection notification.

However, keep in mind that it is not unusual for various debt collection agencies or legal firms to represent a corporation to whom you owe money. Tidewater Finance Corporation may be attempting to gather payments on behalf of another company they are representing.

If you owe Tidewater Finance Corporation or someone they represent money, you may be able to negotiate, lessen, or dispute the debt. You can always contact a debt defense attorney for these kinds of lawsuits.

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