Regarding Regional Finance: How To Win A Lawsuit?

Regional Finance is a South Carolina-based personal loan company. They promote itself as a firm that helps people with bad credit get personal loans and other types of financing. Regional Finance is also well-known for sending out mass mailings containing “pre-approved” loans to residences (that are often followed by a high-interest rate).

Almost 300 offices are located in eight different states: New Mexico, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and South Carolina. As a result, Regional Finance normally accepts loan applications exclusively from inhabitants of one of these states.

Do not Dismiss a Lawsuit from Regional Finance

When it comes to collecting outstanding debts, Regional Finance has a reputation for being quite aggressive. Several consumer complaints have been made with the Better Business Bureau, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and other authorities, alleging that Regional Finance debt collectors violated numerous parts of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Many consumers, for example, stated that Regional Finance collectors engaged in improper and unethical interactions and sought to seize debts that were not legitimately owed.

If you are issued with a legal complaint filed by Regional Finance, it is critical that you answer the litigation as soon as possible. Do not disregard the lawsuit. Failure to reply to a lawsuit filed by a creditor or debt collection agency is one of the most common errors people make. Please understand that doing nothing brings you nothing. Whether you repay the amount or think you were wrongfully sued, you must act and submit an official statement to the complaint. In legal parlance, your response to the complaint is referred to as an answer.

Failure to file an answer is tantamount to conceding defeat and allowing Regional Finance to file a motion for a default judgment against you. If the court enters a default judgment, you are basically at the mercy of Regional Finance. They would then have the authority to garnish your earnings, withdraw funds from your bank account, recover attorney’s fees and court expenses, and confiscate your personal belongings.


There is a Crucial Reason for Answering the Lawsuit

Another crucial reason to submit a formal response to a debt collection action is that numerous debt collection organizations, such as Regional Finance, think you will not. This is because the great majority of people who are served with a collection lawsuit do not respond. As a result, filing an answer catches many debt collectors off guard and may offer a chance to try to reach an agreement or out-of-court settlement with the debt collector.

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