The Top FinTech Companies In London With Their Best Aspects

The Top FinTech Companies In London With Their Best Aspects

A Dealroom study from the year’s conclusion said that London was the top location for FinTech fundraising. The city is a haven for little businesses hoping to achieve great things, so it’s not only about the major giants like Revolut and Starling Bank.

These are some of London‘s top FinTech companies and the benefits of working there: is the Largest in the Fintech Industry

By the end of 2022,, the largest payment service provider in London, drastically reduced its internal value. Despite this, the FinTech decacorn is hard at work expanding, and its employees like being a part of it.

They were ranked in the top 25 of the best workplaces for women, technology, and wellbeing by, which also ranked them among the top 50 major firms in London to work for. Also, they were ranked among the top 3 London FinTech companies to work for by Glassdoor.

The Top FinTech Companies In London With Their Best Aspects

TrueLayer Gives You more Value

Maybe an employer that values engineers could be more your style, and TrueLayer is one such business. Payments, data infrastructure for banking, cryptocurrency, and other topics are the focus of this FinTech.

Glassdoor ratings for TrueLayer are 4.5 out of 5 stars, with 100% CEO approval. Its “excellent tech stack” and “strong community of engineers” are praised in recent evaluations. It was recognized for payment innovation in 2019 and has subsequently made several lists of the finest IT businesses to work for.

Form3 is Exceptional

Form3, a FinTech company focused on payments with an exceptional tech stack, stands out because of its cloud-native platform that was created from scratch and the possibility of working entirely remotely.

Form3 has received an outstanding 4.7 rating from Glassdoor users. They commend their “strong and inventive product” for using the “greatest tech.” Regarding the workforce, they highlight a “transparent exec team” that gives them a lot of liberty and less micromanagement.

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