Vidycoin (VIDY) Coin Weekly Analysis And Price Prediction

This article will cover the special features of the VIDY coin and provide a technical analysis of the currency on . Information will be provided on how and where you can buy VIDY coins . Our technical analysis will be based on weekly candlestick charts . Investors will be able to use our weekly assessments where they will have the opportunity to manage their portfolios according to opportunities and risks .

What is VIDY Coin?

      Vidy Coin aims to reintegrate a user base of 600 million people who currently employ ad blockers by implementing a decentralized and innovative approach to video advertising .

      By leveraging the Ethereum blockchain , Vidy has developed an inventive one-page invisible embedding layer for videos . This layer incorporates tracking technology,enabling an accounting system that measures the duration of ad views. As a result publishers and users are rewarded with VidyCoins , received from advertisers as part of the VidyCoin payment for displaying video ads .

      Through a single action of holding, users can now unlock an entirely new dimension of the internet , unveiling small yet highly relevant videos concealed behind any web page .

      The moment you encounter and press and hold to watch a live ad, you start earning Money . VidyCoin (VIDY) is credited to your account every second you maintain the hold . The longer you continue , the greater your earnings become. Additionally, you can easily make purchases from the video using your VidyCoin with just a singgle tap .

VIDY features that make the project unique.

      VIDY Coin stands out as a project due to its distinctive characteristics :

Innovative Embedding Layer: VIDY Coin has introduced a groundbreaking concept with its embedding layer for videos . This layer seamlessly integrates videos into web pages without disrupting the user experience or causing visual clutter.

Decentralization : VIDY Coin operates on a decentralized model, leveraging the Ethereum blockchain . This decentralized approach ensures transparency, enhances security , And eliminates the need for intermediaries , thereby fostering trust and efficiency within the ecosystem.

User Engagement: VIDY Coin emphasizes user engagement by implementing a hold-to-watch mechanism . Users Are incentivized with VidyCoins to actively engage with video ads and hold them for a certain duration. This fosters interactive participation with advertisements, creating a mutually beneficial environment for users and advertisers .

Precise and Relevant Ads: VIDY Coin’s technology enables the delivery of highly targeted and contextually relevant video ads.By analyzing user behavior and preferences , VIDY Coin ensures that the displayed ads are customized to suit each individual user, resulting in an enhanced user experience and increased ad effectiveness .

Real-Time Payment System : VIDY Coin facilitates real-time payments utilizing its native cryptocurrency, VidyCoin (VIDY) .This eliminates delays and enables immediate compensation for publishers and users , establishing a seamless payment system within the platform .

Simplified Purchasing: VIDY Coin streamlines the process of purchasing products or services featured in videos . Users can conveniently make purchases directly from the video with a single tap using their VidyCoin, promoting a frictionless transaction experience.

Collectively , these distinctive attributes differentiate VIDY Coin from traditional advertising models, offering a fresh and user-centric approach to video advertising.

VIDY Coin Technical Analysis

      Since March 2021, technical groups have been experiencing a consistent decline. The wedge formation, known as the descending wedge, serves as both support and resistance levels . The price currently stands at $0.000045, with the support point at $0.000033 and the inflection point at $0.000051. The new target to overcome the resistance is set at $0.0001, with the range between -$0.00085 and -$0.0024. It is important to closely monitor and pursue a breakthrough of resistance for the VIDY Coin , which currently sits above the 50-week moving average .

      This post does not contain any specific recommendations or investment guidance . Before making a decision, readers should conduct their research because every trading and investment decision contains risk . This post does not contain any recommendations or investment guidance .Every decision about trading and investing involves risk. Therefore readers should do their research before making a choice .

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