What Is Shibarium and What Is Its Purpose?

Soaring to immense success, Shiba Inu has transformed from a meme coin into one of the most enthralling blockchain projects on Earth. To keep up with this growth and boost its own value, Shiba is working hard to become less dependent on legacy protocols such as Ethereum. Enter Shibarium—the long-awaited Layer 2 blockchain solution that could be a game changer for the company’s future!

What Is Shibarium?

Shibarium is a revolutionary blockchain network poised to revolutionize the Shiba Inu coin. It’s constructed as an advanced “Layer-2” technology that augments Ethereum, forming the essential foundation for all of Shiba Inu’s actions and services.

Shibarium provides a blockchain layer that is built on top of Ethereum, with the purpose of managing a large portion of SHIB transactions. By taking advantage of this additional manipulation tool over and above just relying on Ethereum alone, it helps to improve scalability for SHIB coin users.

What Will the Shibarium Blockchain Bring to the Shiba Inu?

With the introduction of Shibarium, Shiba Inu will experience an incredible leap forward in terms of scalability and efficiency. Not only is it expected to drastically reduce transaction times, but it could also decrease gas taxes associated with those transactions – a win-win for all users! As one might expect from such ambitious updates, this development promises limitless potential when it comes to growth, creating seamless opportunities even under high demands on the system.

The Shibarium network introduces a new, enhanced mechanism to “burn” Shiba Inu coins and reduce the overall supply of tokens. Doing this helps increase token value for existing holders and resolves one of SHIB’s biggest sustainability challenges—the initial minting of an outlandish 1 quadrillion (1 followed by 15 zeros) tokens.

So When Will Shibarium Come?

The Shibarium network is gearing up to release its beta version in March and is aiming for a May launch of its official debut.

Following the trend of concealing their true identities, Shibarium’s lead developer – Shytoshi Kusama – has been steadily driving up the hype for the coming project via different social media platforms. Just a few days ago, he unveiled an exclusive portal on Monday where SHIB faithful can join and contribute to its open-source technology in order to shape Shibarium’s future with their ingenious ideas.


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