What Will Be The End Of The Ripple Case? People Are Confused

When discussing the current lawsuit with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Ripple community has been informed on several details that have not been made public before .

There Are Many Expectations About The Outcome Of The Ripple Case

After Judge Torres ordered the SEC to release the Hinman emails the community was able to reimagine the case in their imaginations even before the much-anticipated summary decision was issued .

Details revealing that certain assertions from market regulator personnel are inconsistent and that some opinions in the papers imply a conflict of interest for Hinman provide credence to the argument for Ripple’s likelihood to win the lawsuit .

According to Ripple Labs’ ex-director Matt Hamilton the SEC still has a good probability of winning the lawsuit even while Ripple has a good chance of winning . When asked on Twitter what he thought of the case’s newest developments Hamilton replied:

“We all understood this to be true on some level but it does not take into account the constant change that characterizes the US legal and regulatory landscape . Even if we’re correct the SEC still has a chance of winning the case .”

The Community Is Waiting For A Result

Even if there have been developments in the lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC the end still feels far away for many in the community .

Though unlikely, a true out-of-court settlement between the parties or a Summary Judgment from Judge Torres are the two best hopes . According to XRP’s head counsel John Deaton the probability of a settlement is very low .

He claims that the regulator would have requested the reconciliation months ago before the Hinman papers were ever sent to Ripple Labs . Although a favorable summary judgment for Ripple is likely industry participants may begin to decrease their expectations in light of Hamilton’s introduction of doubt .

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