Xuxa’s Iconic Career Immortalized in NFTs and Exclusive Fan Experiences

Xuxa who is also known as the Queen of Baixinhos (Children) will have her remarkable story brought to life through 60 digital collectibles. These collectibles capture the defining moments of her career. From 1986 to 1992 the charismatic presenter won the hearts of children and teenagers with her iconic program “Xou da Xuxa” which left a permanent mark on generations in the 1980s and 1990 s.

Unique Fan Experiences and the Magic of Meeting Xuxa

The chance to meet Xuxa in person and take priceless photos with her is one of the amazing and unique opportunities that fans who buy these NFTs will be able to compete for . The numerous opportunities the collection offers to appeal to Xuxa’s varied fan base have been highlighted by Eliseu Barreira Junior who is Head of Portfolio Management of Digital Products & Paid Channels at Globo. The collection offers a wide range of items that depict Xuxa’s journey in addition to celebrating her more than 40 years of success and promises a rich and interesting experience for her devoted fans.

Xuxaverso: Blending Nostalgia with Modernity

These NFTs went live on Globoplay at the same time as the start of the documentary program “Xuxa, O Documentário” Through this, Xuxa’s followers may interact directly with the material they love . The platform used to publish the NFTs is Xuxaverso. It expands Globo’s product line with fascinating digital products while opening opportunities to new cooperation models with talents.

A unique free token for Globoplay subscribers is part of the first wave of NFTs. Beginning on July 20 more tokens from the original batch will be offered for sale in the official Xuxaverso shop .

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Digital Collectibles

The NFTs are developed in collaboration with Xuxa herself. They will be divided into six collections each containing 10 digital art pieces. These collections offer a captivating journey through Xuxa’s career and highlight various aspects such as “Xou da Xuxa” her relationship with her young audience, international success, iconic costumes and her participation in numerous programs available on Globoplay . 

Xuxa herself expresses her enthusiasm for this new endeavor and says that it brings her world to life in Xuxaverso. 

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